विवाह में आठवां फेरा, बेटी बचाओ के लिए

कन्या भ्रूण हत्या एवं लिंग भेद को समाप्त करने के लिए हरयाणा की खाप पंचायत ने विवाह पर कन्या भ्रूण हत्या नहीं करने के वचन का आठंवा फेरा प्रारंभ करने के लिए लोगों से अपील की है। खाप पंचायत ने सभी लोगों से अपील की कि वे शादी के अवसर पर कन्या भ्रूण हत्या नही करने के वचन का आठंवा फेरा भी दिलवाएं। ऐसा करने से समाज में बेटियों के प्रति दृष्टिकोण व सोच में बदलाव लाया जा सकता है।
कन्या भ्रूण हत्या को रोकने के लिए यह एक नयी एवं अच्छी पहल है जिसे समाज में जागरूकता एवं बदलाव के रूप में देखा जाना चाहिए एवं कन्या भ्रूण हत्या जैसी सामाजिक कुरीति का समूल निवारण समाज के लिए आवश्य है।

Jat postpone 'Delhi gherao' for panchayat elections

Jat outfits on Sunday declared to postpone their "Delhi gherao" for getting reservation under OBC quota in the wake of upcoming Panchayat polls in Haryana. "We have decided to postpone the 'Delhi gheroa' due to upcoming Panchayat polls and other circumstances in the state," pradhan of Jat Sabha, Azad Singh Pawar said during a conference of the community here today. In this connection, a meeting of all Khaps and agitating outfits would be organised on September 27, the birth anniversary of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, and declaration of holding protest for the reservation would be made, Pawar said.
The leaders in the conference said that they are not against reservation to any community, however, they will not backout from their demand for inclusion in OBC quota. While presiding over the conference, Jat leader Hawa Singh Sangwan appealed to the community members to attend the Jat rally in Bahadurgarh on November 8. Representatives of 41 Khaps and eight Jat outfits participated the conference here today.

Jat Mahasabha General Secretary, Sharanjeet Singh resigns

Sharanjeet Singh Jogipur resigns from General Secretary post of All India Jat Mahasabha along with congress party. He had been elected as acting president of Punjab Youth Congress in 1992, 2007 and 2008. "Congress has been out of power for over eight years and top leaders are still fighting to secure top party positions. No leader has shown magnanimity to fight the ruling alliance and energize village-level workers. Rather, small peasant and non-political organizations are giving a tough fight to government on various economical and political issues. The Congress party is absent in all such agitations," he said.

Jats blame BJP over reservation issue

Jats blame BJP led government at the Centre for not giving reservation to the Jat community, threatening to launch an agitation in this regard. "If BJP continued its policies against Jat reservation, it will cease to exist. In spite of assurance given by the central government and BJP Chief, the matter of Jat reservation is still hanging fire and a strong resentment is prevailing among Jats against the government," said Ram Bhagat Malik, spokesman of All India Jat Aarakshan Sanghrash Samiti(AIJASS) here today. He said Jat community is now planning an "all-out" battle against the government for their reservation.
Under the banner of AIJASS, a large number of Jats from several states including Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan held a rally at village Mayyar, about 15 km from here. Jats are seeking reservation for Jat community in government jobs and educational institutions. The rally was attended by Yashpal Malik, National President of Samiti,N D Chaudhary from Gujarat, Vinayak Rao Mete from Maharashtra, Narain Gaura from Madhya Pradesh, Mahinder Singh Poonia, general secretary of samiti, among others.

Haryana's Jats believe the ground is slipping beneath their feet

Fifty kilometres west of Delhi, in the district of Jhajjar in Haryana, a group of young men in bright coloured sneakers were running on a highway that cut through fields of millet and paddy. Driving past them in his white-coloured hatchback was Bharpoor Singh Jakhar, the district president of the Adarsh Jat Mahasabha, a community organisation of Jats. "Our boys aren’t running for fun or fitness," he said wryly. "They are running for jobs.”
The Jats are an agrarian middle caste that dominates the political and economic life of Haryana and parts of western Uttar Pradesh. Despite this, they have come to believe that they are lagging behind others. “Our boys train hard because they know the only jobs they can get are those in the armed forces and the only quota they can avail is the sports quota," said Jakhar, a middle-aged man with a long face that ends in a beard.
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Jats must unite, become a political force to win quota fight: Renuka Chaudhary

Senior Congress leader Renuka Chaudhary today called upon the Jat community, agitating for reservation under the OBC category, to campaign unitedly for their rights and suggested setting up of a core committee and formulating an action plan to meet their goals. Chaudhary, who is the women president of All India Jat Mahasabha, said the community should "make themselves a force to be reckoned with and a major force in the vote back politics which no leader can ignore".  "Till you are a force to reckon with and work unitedly, you cannot win over your rights," she said at a meet of the Jats here, coming against the backdrop of the Supreme Court setting aside a notification to include Jats in the central list of OBC category.
The apex court had in July dismissed the plea of the Centre seeking a review of its March 17 verdict quashing OBC reservation for Jats. A senior leader of the community said that though the court has struck down reservations for them, they would continue to press their demand with the government.