A JaT's Treasure

Have u ever been though about yourself i mean what's the treasure hidden within all of us . why man power is necessary rather than machine power its what our gods had provided us.its jst not only our mind or body we all are acquainted with the supreme power within all of us . when we talk about our country's treasure its our rituals and cultural beliefs that strengthen our side .sometimes a thought comes to my mind what will happen when their will be no Indian culture,no tradition, we will have adopted the western culture till then. our country's brahmins are not even taking things seriously . one day it will ruin us sooner or later we all will have to face the consequences . as per my  point of view the only caste bounded by this religion mainly is jats . we didn't even allowing ourselves to adopt western culture in every manner . we are just running with the masses by holding our countries enlightening stick in our hand. about 90 percent of our countries jats are involved in army and military of India serving for our motherland so we guys know how important our moral values are . i want all of us to come forward and let bring this in open that only following a crowd full of sheeps is not the only thing . western culture shall be introduced but not on the compensating ground where we let them ruin our motherland again . we all know that western culture has got importance when it needs to be globalized but we have a different status in the world just because of our sanskriti so we need to do something  "don't let  them ruin everything so easily what our ancestors have created by devoting their whole life  "our ancestors were know by their moral values and lets continue this era for long . be a true countrymen hope u all will notice this sooner or later.


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