Female foeticide is Murder: Khap Panchayat

Khap panchayats in Haryana, because of the worse sex ratio in the country, are looking for ways to solve the problem of female foeticide. They have condemned the offence and ruled that it should be treated at par with murder. It was a first of sorts in the history of Khap panchayats in north India. Seldom seen together, women and men came together in Jind, Haryana to take the unanimous decision and declare openly that female foeticide was as gruesome as murder. "Female foeticide is a crime which also gives rise to another evil of honour killing. By ensuring the end of female foeticide, we could also curb incidents of honour killing," said Om Prakash Maan of Khap panchayat.
It was pointed out that due to female foeticide the population of girls has decreased, therefore, effective steps should be taken to prevent this social ill. The meeting, which was held in a Haryana village, also holds significance due to its location as the state is infamous for its skewed sex ratio. The khap leaders also stressed on the need for creating social awareness against female foeticide. With women of the village leading the campaign, the Gram Sabha of the village had invited leaders of over 300 Khaps to seek their support for the campaign. A Welcome the decision by Khap Mahapanchayat, We salute this move.


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