Saina Nehwal wins in Olympics Play Stage

Saina Nehwal wins Women's Singles Group Play Stage Group E Match in London Olympics Today. Indian golden girl Saina Nehwal register easy win by 21-9, 21-4 against Switzerland's Jaquet Sabrina.
Saina Nehwal’s next challenge is to face Tan Lianne on Monday at 11:00 PM (Indian Time) and that will be a must-win for her, since the Belgian has already won her game. Only one player advances to the round of 16 from a group of three. 

Female foeticide is Murder: Khap Panchayat

Khap panchayats in Haryana, because of the worse sex ratio in the country, are looking for ways to solve the problem of female foeticide. They have condemned the offence and ruled that it should be treated at par with murder. It was a first of sorts in the history of Khap panchayats in north India. Seldom seen together, women and men came together in Jind, Haryana to take the unanimous decision and declare openly that female foeticide was as gruesome as murder. "Female foeticide is a crime which also gives rise to another evil of honour killing. By ensuring the end of female foeticide, we could also curb incidents of honour killing," said Om Prakash Maan of Khap panchayat.
It was pointed out that due to female foeticide the population of girls has decreased, therefore, effective steps should be taken to prevent this social ill. The meeting, which was held in a Haryana village, also holds significance due to its location as the state is infamous for its skewed sex ratio. The khap leaders also stressed on the need for creating social awareness against female foeticide. With women of the village leading the campaign, the Gram Sabha of the village had invited leaders of over 300 Khaps to seek their support for the campaign. A Welcome the decision by Khap Mahapanchayat, We salute this move.

Dara Singh passes away

Wrestler and actor Dara Singh, 84, died today in Mumbai at him home. He was admitted to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital last Saturday and took last breath today morning at 7:30 PM as per his son Bindu Dara singh.  Dara Singh, had been battling for his life in a Mumbai hospital since the last four days, but was on Wednesday shifted back home after doctors said he has "less chance of recovery" due to significant damage to his brain. The 84-year-actor was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in an emergency condition on July 7. His family doctor R.K. Agarwal also confirmed the death of bindu dara singh.
A wrestling champ, he made his way from local tournaments to the international arena competing with some of the biggest names like Oriental Champion King Kong, George Gordienko. The wrestler who had over 500 fights to his credit was the Commonwealth champion in 1959 and Champion of the World in 1968. He retired from wrestling in 1983. He made his entry into films in early 1960s and was cast opposite actress Mumtaz in several movies. Often regarded as the Action King of Bollywood in the Hollywood inspired Hindi films such as Tarzan and King Kong amongst many others. But his most memorable performance remains as Hanuman on the popular 1980's television series Ramayan. The actor who also directed several punjabi films continued to act in films and was last seen in the hit movie, Jab We Met in 2007.

Dara Singh in hospital, suffered cardiac arrest

Wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh, who is known for his roles in "King Kong" and "Faulad", suffered cardiac arrest and was admitted to a city hospital in a "critical" condition, according to the doctors. "He is very, very critical. He was brought in an emergency condition to hospital at 5:15 pm. He had suffered cardiac arrest. He is in ICU and we are monitoring his condition hour- by-hour," Dr Ram Narain, Chief Operating Officer at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital in suburban Andheri, told agency tonight. Earlier, the 83-years- old actor's son, Vindu, had said that his father was serious. "He is serious. There is blood clot in his brain or he has suffered heart attack... We are not sure what has happened. We have been told that he is under observation for 24 hours," Vindu said.

A JaT's Treasure

Have u ever been though about yourself i mean what's the treasure hidden within all of us . why man power is necessary rather than machine power its what our gods had provided us.its jst not only our mind or body we all are acquainted with the supreme power within all of us . when we talk about our country's treasure its our rituals and cultural beliefs that strengthen our side .sometimes a thought comes to my mind what will happen when their will be no Indian culture,no tradition, we will have adopted the western culture till then. our country's brahmins are not even taking things seriously . one day it will ruin us sooner or later we all will have to face the consequences . as per my  point of view the only caste bounded by this religion mainly is jats . we didn't even allowing ourselves to adopt western culture in every manner . we are just running with the masses by holding our countries enlightening stick in our hand. about 90 percent of our countries jats are involved in army and military of India serving for our motherland so we guys know how important our moral values are . i want all of us to come forward and let bring this in open that only following a crowd full of sheeps is not the only thing . western culture shall be introduced but not on the compensating ground where we let them ruin our motherland again . we all know that western culture has got importance when it needs to be globalized but we have a different status in the world just because of our sanskriti so we need to do something  "don't let  them ruin everything so easily what our ancestors have created by devoting their whole life  "our ancestors were know by their moral values and lets continue this era for long . be a true countrymen hope u all will notice this sooner or later.