Postal stamp released on Tejaji Maharaj

India Postal Department  released a special commemorative stamp on Folk deity Veer Tejaji Maharaj at Kharnal in Nagaur Distt of Rajasthan. Union Minister Sachin Pilot released  the stamp in a function in presence of thousands of people. The ruling Congress state President and former Minister Dr Chandrabhan, sitting Lok Sabha member Jyoti Mirdha, former Minister Harendra Mirdha and several dignitaries were present on the occasion. 
Veer Teja (1074–1103) is revered as folk-deity and worshiped in entire Rajasthan and Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh by all communities. Veer Teja ji is considered to be folk-deity and worshiped in entire Rajasthan by all communities. He was born on Friday, magha shukla 14 samvat 1130 (29 January 1074), in the family of Dhaulya gotra Nagavanshi Jats. His father was Chaudhary Tahar, a chieftain of Khirnal in Nagaur district in Rajasthan. His mother’s name was Sugna. Mother Sugna is believed to have got son Teja ji by the blessings of Nāga-deity. It is believed that if a person suffering from snakebite goes to samadhi of Tejaji or puts a chord (tanti) in Tejaji s name, he is cured. Tejaji is a demigod with the power to spare from death. Any snakebite victim who ties an amulet in Tejaji s name, is cured immediately.


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