Is it my fault that i m a jat!!

Hii guys today i would told u wat we ought to do now .let me explain u two incidents of my life which happen with me when i was in my first yr of engg(now its third yr) upto my 12 th i was unawre of this caste system at admin level i was just having knowledge that we r jats from rajasthan reputed ones belonging to bharatpur district.i hav heard a lot abt jats from my frnds but was not mature up to the situation . So i never care abt my caste then i reaches my college it was a new lyf here just like unknown fellows from various parts of couintry after clearing a hurdle of engineering entrance brought up together n r going to be part of this country's bright engineers after final yr. As usual things were going softly one day i get involve in a little quarrel between two guys but i don't know that time i was just supporting the justice n truth i became angry with oppositions though they r my frnds n all fighting ends up after five days (i guess) when my friends whum i have behave rudly came to me with a large group n asked me too come in personnel then the one who was leader among them n (my best frnd earlier) came to me n said with smiling face dude sorry for that day n we all r here together for compromising for that n u need not worry about the same after all we know we r jats n can't bearinjustice then we hug each other with a smiling face n now we r best frnds again this makes me feel really proud abt my caste first tym n im still enjoying this feeling but after about two three months second incident happen when i guess gurjar andalon was goin on in rajasthan it was the hot topic those days when all were busy in finding reserved categories of quota system this was the tym when i came to know thats rajasthani jats r under obc category only except bharatpur n dhaulpur district as they r from royal blood or princely states now i have understood clearly everything abt this system then i enquire abt meena in my knowledge thay have completed ten years of their st reservation n still continuing with the same no matter they r acquired all the above stages of rajasthani gov but outside rajasthan they r still facing the shame.they blame their leaders .n now when we heard abt jat agitation for reservation in central for obc quotas i was not able to face those people of general category earlier with whum i was comfortable they said to me congratulation jatt sahab then something touches me from inside that tym i feel is it my fault that i m jat n i dont want u all to face such situation again but i m still proud for being my jat because still we r general n need not to face the tremble look of this world so i think we r made up with special talents n no need for reservation is there otherwise its not far when we will be guilty of being jat like meenas n other categories . U know today these meena's still hesitating to show their surname outside rajasthan or social sites like fb,orkut .n today we feel proud when using surnam as jat. so guys this was what i need to explain to u . der se hi sahi raaz to ham hi karenge is duniya pr but is tarah nhi we r born warriors n leaders so n know how to fight for our fate its challengin n hard but notimpossible to achieve success hope i was clear t my points .


  1. Thanks for sharing ur personal view...JAT are not caste these three WORD means a lot and we must respect be united and be descent.

  2. Jat is not a caste ..... this is community and we need to be more united...jai jat