Casteism drowning jats into separacy

Today in this world the lack of awareness among jat people specially villagers pushing themselves within flock of sheeps is eventually the thing which i hv noted personally.we people r separating ourselves from the world just by interfering in every second problem just by bringing down jatophobia i want to know one thing r we standin far away from a community where everyone care for each other or just trying to separate ourselves from the great indian culture. as per my view jats clans r collected with d people which involuntarily help others n were awarded this title "JAT"for voluntry particiption as warriors in mughal period.i respect all of them for putting us with such a proudy title which can be in danger if we cut ourselves from society if this thing prevails much it would be no longer that tomorrow a demand may be arising for jatland just like khalistan but we get our identity from this country which i think the only thing that departs with our souls after death . Today india is known for its cultural diversity if each of our countries tribe starts thinking in their own interest it would be no longer when we would be departed from this earth by leaving behind just the spirituality of separation where our ancestors souls along with us will be witness of our clans declining future and their ruin as other foreign tribes which r extinct from the world map.i m not in opposition of casteism but i wanna say just one thing that this is our coutry n we together can only make efforts regarding this interactin with different cultural dynasties will bring modernisation in we jats our losing our status because of these unwanted strikes for reservation or by blindly promoting casteism unnecessarily i dont think we require any reservation for showing our talent this only bring hatredness to our caste from others .i don't want the cheap thing should overcome the mind of people about our tribe just like today meenas(tribe from rajasthan) r blamed for. I know that we r much powerful than others in strength as well as power but this doesn't demand our separation from our country so i think we should respect others n shouldn't provide a message to masses(specially villagers) which led them for their seperacy from whole world. N finally i want to say one thing that "I M PRoud Of Being a INDIAN JAT"reminding u its INdian Jat nor a Simple Jat firstly we r indians than JAT


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