New Jat in Town - The Jat Mutation

There is a new Jat in town. And he is sick of being a son of the soil and doing the nation’s heavy lifting. In the late 1990s, when kitsch was still cool and Channel V was the best friend everyone had been waiting for, Udham Singh arrived on his haunches. Props: a buffalo, a lathi and a dangerous, deadpan sense of humour. Udham was a Borat before his time, both playing out the stereotypes of a Haryanvi Jat and puncturing the hot air balloons of English speaking urbanites. Manish Makhija, the radio jockey and music composer who played and scripted Udham Singhn, lives in Mumbai. The show might be long gone but his Jatphilia still thrives. Occasionaly he chats up young Jats in Mumbai nightclubs where, far from home, they're thrilled at the chance to to slip back into the lingo and rough hewn accents that their parents paid so much to erase out of them.
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