Hemant Lamba

Hemant Lamba is the recipient of the ‘Green Oskar’ award for his work on distribution of reliable and cheap solar devices in 12 Indian states. Lamba and his teammates successfully delivered affordable, reliable and renewable energy products (in the form of solar panels), benefiting about 80,000 people. The Ashden Trust of the Sainsbury’s trusts in Britain set up the awards in 2001. Each award comes with $50,000 towards improving the project.
Lamba and his team have brought government, banks, non-governmental organisations and manufacturers together to deliver products that are relatively effective and affordable. 250 local people have been trained in maintaining the power supply through renewable energy resources. Lamba is now working to make these projects more popular. Lamba's goal is to attract private enterprises to set up new networks and franchises to link all these elements.