Gehlot and Maderna together after a decade

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot and veteran Congress & Jat leader Parasram Maderna were seen together on a public platform nearly after 12 years. In fact, it was Maderna's daughter-in-law, Leela, who had invited Gehlot as chief guest for loan and dividend distribution programme of Rajasthan State Co-operative Bank (Apex Bank). She is the chairperson of the bank. Her husband and cabinet minister in the Gehlot government Mahipal Maderna was also present in the programme. Significantly enough, both Gehlot and Maderna senior who have had an uneasy relationship for more than a decade when the former was made the chief minister overlooking the latter's claim after 1998 Assembly elections, also praised each other during the function in Maderna's native village Chadi on Sunday. Remembering Maderna's role in his political rise, Gehlot said, "I cannot forget Madernaji's role when I became first Union minister from Jodhpur in Indira Gandhi's government."
He also reminisced about the night halt with Maderna in Chadi village 31 years ago. "Madernaji campaigned for me when I contested my first election," Gehlot said. He also said that the young leaders should use experience of old generation. Accepting olive branch offered by the CM, Maderna who belongs to the generation of stalwart Jat leaders like Nathuram Mirdha, Daulatram Saran and Kumbha Ram Arya showered praise on Gehlot. He praised Gehlot's work as the chief minister. However, the newfound bonhomie between the two estranged leaders is a signal of changing equation in the internal politics of in the ruling congress that would create ripples in the party. It may also affect long pending decision on the new PCC chief.


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