Nathuram Mirdha from Nagaur, Rajasthan

Nathuram Mirdha was a parliamentarian, freedom fighter, social reformer and popular farmer leader of Marwar region in Rajasthan, India. He was born in a Rad gotra Jat Hindu family of village Kuchera in Nagaur district in Rajasthan on 20 October 1921.
Nathuram Mirdha was simple, soft-spoken but talented personality. He was committed to the service of people especially farmers. He was friendly with every person who came in his contact. He was straightforward and man of words. He organized a massive farmer gathering at Jodhpur under the Chairmanship of Sir Chhotu Ram. He joined the Institution of farmers “Kisan Sabha” founded by Baldev Ram Mirdha as Secretary in 1946. Nathuram Mirdha visited every village of Marwar region and had person-to-person contact. He united farmers of Marwar against the oppression of Jagirdars under the banner of “Marwar Kisan Sabha” and “Rajasthan Kisan Sabha”. These Institutions developed into very strong organizations and became instruments of social change in abolition of Jagirs and spread of education.


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