Mahabali Satpal

Satpal was born on 1 February 1955 in Bawana village of Delhi. He is the National Heavyweight Champion as many as 16 times. He won the Silver in each of the three Commonwealth Games he competed, Auckland in 1974, Edmonton in 1978 and Brisbane in 1982. But picked up Cold in the Commonwealth Wrestling Championships held in Edmonton (1979) and Perth (1981). He won Bronze in the 1974 Asian Games in Teheran but went on to claim a Silver in the 1973 edition of the Games held in Bangkok. He also settled for a Silver in the 1979 and 1981 editions of the Asian Wrestling Championship, He thrice participated in the World Championship, finishing 4th in Teheran, 5th in Mongolia and 6th in Amsterdam. "Mahabali" Satpal now functions as Deputy Director of Education, Delhi.
Satpal has been crowned with every conceivable wrestling title and these include:
* Bharat Kumar (Delhi 1973),
* Rustom-e-Hind (Ludhiana 1974, Pune 1975 and Rohtak 1975),
* Bharat Kesari (Delhi 1975),
* Rustom-e-Bharat (Kohlapur 1975),
* Maha Bharat Kesari (Jaipur 1976),
* Mahan Bharat Kesari (Delhi 1976),
* Rustom-e-Zama (Pune 1976),
* Hind Kesari (Ghaziabad 1977),
* Bharat Shri (Delhi 1978) and
* Bharat Balram (1979).


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