Jat women attend Khap meeting on Women Day

On the eve of first International Women Day, in 1911, a panchayat of Dahiya khap (a Jat clan) held in Barona village of Sonipat district to take steps for spreading education in society. But in the same meeting, it also took a retrograde decision to impose ban on venturing out of women in bazaars and attending the panchayats. Later, it became a social norm in Haryana that no woman could attend any panchayat and even enter in a chaupal (a village commonplace where panchayat used to be held). It took exactly a century for the Haryanavi women to break free the age old shackles prevailing in the male dominated society when same khap panchayat reverted its earlier diktats.
The Dahiya khap convened a panchayat on the eve of women day, to mark 1000 years of earlier panchayat, has made the participation of women in decision making in every meeting of khap panchayat mandatory. "The decision to engage women in the decision making process could bring about a paradigm shift in the status of women in the state which is notorious for skewed sex ratio due to social bias against the girlchild and the honour killings," women activists reacted.
Source: TOI


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