Chandra Gupta Maurya

Chandra Gupta Maurya was the founder of Mauryan Empire (321BC-184 BC). We have little knowledge about the early life of Chandra Gupta. Some historians regard him as a prince of the Nanda dynasty while others try to associate him with a poor family. His mother Mura is said to belong to a low caste family. Neverthless, he held a high rank in Nanda army. Mauryans being Jats, were denigerated by Brahmans and are termed even Shudras to show their cotempt. Even historians like Romila Thapar are confused. She says – “Chandra Gupta belonged to the Moriya tribe, but his caste was low, the family appearently being Vaishyas. The young Mourya and his supporters were inferior in ardent strength to Nand.” Infact Maurya was not a caste but it was a gotra of Jats which is still found in Jats. Gupta was his title and not the caste. He was a warrior of Jat caste.
Mor, Maurya, Maurana are Jat gotras of very old standing. Hence the rule of this dynasty has been given a high place in history of Jats. Mahavamsa describes Chandra Gupta as coming of Kshatriya clan of Maurya: "Mauryanam Khattyanam vamsha jata". (Geiger Trans p 27). It means "Mauryas are Kshatriyas of Jat clan".

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  1. Bro my father is maurya and my mother is kushwaha.
    I am very confused with is maurya belong to jat Or kushwaha rajput