Chandagi Ram - Indian wrestler

Chandagi Ram was One of the best-known wrestlers of 60s and early 70s, who had a huge fan following throughout the country. Tall and well built, he was known as much for his wit and humour as for his reach and tricky holds over his opponents. He earned his name in the Indian style wrestling and his bouts always attracted huge crowds. His bouts against Mehr Din of Rajasthan for the 'Hind Kesari' title used to be packed with drama. With titles like 'Hind Kesari', 'Bharat Kesari', 'Bharat Bhim', 'RusCom-e-Hind' and 'Maha Bharat Kesari', he was the natural choice for the Arjuna Award in 1969 followed by the Padma Shri in 1971.
Born on 9 November 1937 in Kaliramna Jat gotra at 'Sisai' village in Hissar district of Haryana, Chandgi Ram passed his matriculation and then obtained a diploma in arts and crafts. For a short spell he served as a sepoy with the Jat Regimental Centre of the Indian Army and then picked up the job of a drawing teacher in a school. It was his stint as a school teacher that earned him the name of 'Master' and he came to be known as Master Chandgi Ram. The turban added to his stature.


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