JAT -somebody define it as just action takers n in many other ways but i wanna tell u people something real i don't know much about other caste but i can say that jat r those people who can't even see people crying in pain n who never try to cheat people not because they don't like enjoying masti n all but they didn't wanna fill their heart with regret for one or other thing they have done to others .they never forgive the people who try to cheat them.
I can't say about others but for me this country is my motherland.i really doesn't like dividing this in group likewise these thackrey's are doing why don't they think about the muslim people who had not even allowed government to bury the bodies of terrorist (which were also muslim) in entire mumbai....why these people at some great posts didn't understand that we will not get anything out of here ... we will have to report finally at the god's gate without money or anything than how we will be able to face god .
n i know my jat brothers know this thing better than anyone thats why we never have any fight over these kind of issues which divide our motherland into pieces otherwise we will have our separate country in north india with our own rules.thats why i think their should not be any fight over telangana or bundelkhand .no doubt these places will have huge development after forming into a new state but at that cost of forming a new state our economy will not survive upto that level at which now it is . finally i would like to say these words only no doubt jats r crazy about things they think less n work more but they r more or less people who r dominated to their motherland or country.

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  1. Of course the jats are the people who can fight for their rights till their last breath in body but my friend we should not say that jats are non-cheaters and they are the only social workers in India. Let me clear that Ch. Om Prakash Chautala have already licked Haryana and now Ch. Bhupender Singh Hooda is complying his foot prints by being a property dealer of poor Haryana formers. Only jats are spreading the castism and voilations in Haryana by their agitations. If they are commited to make the Haryana castism free then why they are not shouting that talent, caliber, passion and quality should be measure instead of cast. I don't want to hurt you my friend but truth is really different from our thoughts. Even you,me and everyone knows that only jats are voilanting and spreading castism. If you are natively from Haryana then may be you are well aware with their unfair acts. Again i don't want to hurt but i just wants to know the origin of jats. Do you know ?