Tribute to Shantanu kumar, former DGP Rajasthan

Shantanu Kumar possessed a rare multi-faceted personality with great expertise in ornithology, a state-level basketball player and a successful IPS officer, who went on to become DGP of Rajasthan. His early life started under the tutelage of his father Laxman Singh, who also served Rajasthan Police, in then biodiversity rich Keoladeo forest in Karauli district. Shantanu Kumar was an IPS officer of Rajasthan who rose to become the DGP of the State Police. Hails from Bharatpur district from village Jaghina. He was born in Bhagaur Jat Gotra. Married into a well-known family of Hissar district in Haryana. Had two sons, Sidharth whos passed away some years ago and Hemant Singh. Both were educated at St. Stephen's College, Delhi. He was a gem of a person and thorough gentleman.
Shantanu Kumar truly represented the Bharatpur state known for brave and unhindered fighter rulers like Surajmal. Though he did not descend directly from the ruling family of this Jat kingdom, by virtue of his education and time-taught experiences, he was the best among all who hailed from Bharatpur. Only K Natwar Singh, a cousin, overshadowed him. He was a true nature lover and shared his knowledge of birds and animals with utmost joy with nature lovers and often compared the rich past with the present poverty.


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