Tikait demands to ban students from carrying mobiles in school, colleges

Mahendra Singh Tikait, the leader of Bharatiya Kisan Union, on Friday demanded that school and college students be banned from carrying mobile phones as they have a "bad effect" on them. Tikait, who is also the chief of Baliyan Khap, a social administrative group of one of the gotras of the Jat community, was commenting on a recent decision by a khap panchayat in Lank village in the district banning unmarried girls from carrying mobile phones in order to stop elopement.
Observing that it would be difficult to implement the panchayat's order, Tikait said students in educational institutions must altogether be banned from carrying mobile phones. Tikait also demanded a ban on marriages within the same gotra. Earlier on November 14, all the khap panchayats of Shoram village in the district had come together to oppose same gotra marriages, demanding an amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.