Haryana having double Crorepatis than Bangalore

India is considered to be one of poorest country in world and specially the rural india. Spread across 650,000 villages, with an average population of 1,100, rural villagers were long imagined by city dwellers as primitive, impoverished and irrelevant, something to drive past on the way to something else. But Northern state Haryana is one of exception in this list. Haryana has the largest number of rural crorepatis in India. The Jat people are one of the most prosperous groups in India on a per-capita basis and Majority of population in haryana belongs to Jat community.
Northern state of Haryana, rural dwellers are now nearly twice as likely to be crorepatis as city dwellers in Bangalore, the high-technology hub, according to the National Council for Applied Economic Research, the leading collector of data on rural India.


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