CWG revels real Jat Community, Hide recent controversy

Commonwealth Games 2010 revels the actual Jat Community, leaving behind all recent controversy. The Jat community, which threatened to scuttle the Commonwealth Games and block the Games baton seeking reservation in government jobs, has turned out to be the nation’s flag bearer at the mega sporting event. Jats have won total 27 Medals in CWG 2010, if we includes 4 jat players of indian hockey then we can say that total 31 Medal was won by Jat in CWG 2010. As Krishna Poonia, a Haryanvi Jat and the gold medallist in the women’s discus throw event said on Tuesday at the international broadcasting centre, “Our community is more known for female foeticide and honour killings. But so many Jat women have won medals at the Commonwealth Games; it only proves what we are capable of if given the opportunity.”
There are 50 athletes from Jat community in the Games, of which a remarkable 31 have won medals. The gold haul includes two shooting gold medals won by Harpreet Singh, a Jat Sikh. Seven Jat girls from Haryana and three Jat Sikh girls from Punjab have also added to the medals list. Two Haryana lads Paramjit Samota and Manoj – both Jats – have entered the boxing finals in their respective weight categories and are assured of at least a silver, thus taking the tally further up. After the victory of Indian hockey team against England on Tuesday, more Haryana athletes are assured of at least a silver medal.
The Indian hockey team features four Haryana Jat boys – Sandeep Singh, Sardara Singh, Mandeep and Bharat. After the sensation victory against England last night, their fans back in their home state are hoping for a gold against the mighty Australians. Other prominent Jats include Sushil Kumar, the current world champion and the gold winner in the 66kg freestyle wrestling category and Mandeep and Manjeet Kaur who won the 4X400 metres relay last evening. Sociologists and researchers said Jats – Haryana’s dominant community – had always promoted traditional sports in rural areas including boxing, wrestling and kabaddi.

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  1. Jat have won 41 medals in CWG10

    1. India Won 38-GOLD, 27-SILVER, 36-BRONZE Total 101 medals.

    2. Out of this(101), JAT won 18 GOLD, 10 -SILVER, 13 -BRONZE ->Total 41 medals.

    3. According to Vinod Dua of NDTV , Jats are less then 1 % of India's total population.

    Total medals=101
    4. 1% JAT Winning (41 out of 101) 40.59 % medals

    GOLD medals=38
    5. 1% JAT Winning (18 gold out of 38 gold) 47.36% gold medals are won by Jats.

    SILVER medals=27
    6. 1% winning (10 Silver out of 27 Silver) 37.03% Silver medals are won by Jats.

    BRONZE medals =36
    7. 1% Jat winning (13 Bronze out of 36 Bronze) 36.11% Silver medals are won by jats

    8. Out of 41 medals, 15 medals are won by Jat women.

    9. Only 4 countries Australia, India, England, Canada have won more Gold medals then Jats out 72 countries.
    10. Jats are above South Africa at no-5, That means , Jats have left 68 CommonWealth countries behind in the medal tally.
    11 India got 2nd position in the medal tally only because of Jats- Winning Saina Nehwal 's last gold medal.

    1 Saina Nehwal (GOLD)- Singles
    2. Saina Nehwal (SILVER)- Team events

    3. Sandeep Singh, Sardara Singh, Mandeep and Bharat Chikhara(SILVER)

    4. Ravinder Sangwan (GOLD)
    5 Anil Kumar Khatri (GOLD)
    6. Sanjay Kumar (GOLD)
    7. Rajender Saharan (GOLD)
    8. Sushil Solanki (GOLD)
    9. Arjun Bhullar (GOLD) -CANADA (Defeated Joginder Singh)
    10. Alka Tomar (GOLD)
    11. Gita Phogat (GOLD)
    12. Anita (GOLD)
    13. Anuj Panwar (SILVER)
    14. Manoj Kumar (SILVER)
    15. Babita Phogat (SILVER)
    16. Nirmala Boora (SILVER)
    17. Joginder Singh (SILVER)
    18. Sunil Rana (BRONZE)
    19. Anil Kumar (BRONZE)
    20. Dhramender Dalal (BRONZE)
    21. Suman Kundu (BRONZE)

    22. Paramjeet Samohta (GOLD)
    23 Manoj Kumar (GOLD)
    24 Vijender Singh Beniwal (BRONZE)
    25 Dilbagh Singh (BRONZE)
    26 Jaibhagwan Singh (BRONZE)
    27 Amandeep Singh (BRONZE) (Not Sure)

    28. Harpreet Singh(GOLD) won 2 golds
    29. Harpreet Singh (GOLD)
    30. Heena Sidhu and Anuraj Singh(GOLD)
    31. Heena Sidhu(SILVER)
    32. ManavJeet Singh Sandhu(SILVER)
    33. ManavJeet Singh Sandhu(BRONZE)
    34. Gurpreet Singh(BRONZE)(not sure)
    35. Gurpreet Singh(GOLD)


    Clean Sweep by Jats in DiScus Throw
    36. Krishana Punia(GOLD) Discus Throw
    37. Harwant Kaur(SILVER) DT
    38. Seema Antil(BRONZE) DT

    4X400 Relay
    39. Mandeep kaur and Manjeet kaur (GOLD)

    20 KM walking
    40. Harminder Singh(BRONZE)

    41. Gagandeep kaur(BRONZE)