Jat youth says BIG NO to Same Gotra marriage

It surprising but true the recent poll at www.indianjat.com has given a BIG NO to same gotra marriage even after lot of controversy. The Jat youth says NO to Same Gotra marriage
Some youngster like Amit said that "Our ancestors thought that if people marry in same gotra then genetic properties remain in the same family, so it was avoided that time. but now in 21st century same gotra marriage must be allowed while one said " same gotras should be avoided while we do not have issue in marriage between inter-caste and inter-religions". So just like khap, people have different opinion but 82% people says no to same gotra marriage, 10% says same gotra marriage should be allowed while surprisingly on 3% people says "Let Govt Decide". So have thier view but do not want that will be imposed as a rule.


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