Dr. B.C. Jat - A writer in Geography

Dr. B.C. Jat is young and dynamic writer of Geography has published more than 20 books at age of 35 year. He was born at Rampura village near Jetpura in Jaipur district and now days Lecturer in P.G. Department of Geography, Govt. P.G. College, Neem Ka Thana (Sikar) Rajasthan. He did his M.A.(Geography) in 1996, M.Phil.(Geography) in 1997-98,Ph.D.Geography) in 1999 from University of Rajasthan,Jaipur, Rajasthan.
Awards and achievements:
1."Medini Award 2004" from Ministry of Environment & Forest Govt. of India New Delhi for original works in Hindi on Subject relating to environmental aspects. It has been given for the book entitled "Resources & Environment".
2."Prithvi Vigyan award" from Ministry of Earth science, Govt. of India New Delhi. It has been given for the book entitled " Disaster management ".
Some of popular books by Dr. B.C. Jat:
1. Watershed Management (2000) – Pointer Publication, Jaipur
2. Environmental Geography (2001) – Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur
3. Natural Disasters (2001) – Surabhi Publication, Jaipur
4. Resources and Environment (2002) – Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur
5. Human Geography (2003) – Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur
6. Geography of Resources (2004) – Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur
7. Geography of India (2005) – Panchseel prakashan Jaipur
8. Economic Geography (2005) – Panchseel Prakashan, Jaipur
9. Energy Resources Conservation (2006) – Ankit Publication Jaipur


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