Saina Nehwal - with jat attitute "Nothing is Impossible"

Saina Nehwal rising tennis star of India believe in "Nothing is Impossible". Until a few months ago, India's leading badminton writer Shivani Naik often complained about how Saina Nehwal was unresponsive to any journalistic probing – accessible, polite, but like a stone wall you couldn't break through easily. The only time Saina would let go - almost frothing at the mouth, the Jat blood in her expressing itself in coarse, but not abusive, Hindi – was when she spoke about players from China. This, mind you, wasn't a product of racial discrimination or patriotic fervour, but simply because the Chinese were considered impossible to defeat, and no Jat worth her mustard fields likes to believe anyone is unbeatable.
Ranked in the fringes of the top-10 back then, Saina was forever making strategies to counter the Chinese, working on her flick, her net-play, her smash, her court coverage, desperately seeking a way to outmaneuver the assembly line rather than play into its hands by getting involved in a direct slugfest. In the last few months, she has fanned her China obsession by gradually making inroads into women's badminton's impenetrable fortress, getting herself to a place where – after three titles in a row, including two Super Series victories, and with a world ranking of No 3 – a sustained assault on the final frontier is the next logical step.
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