Rajasthani jat - Simple and Honest

As i hav seen from dis decade is dat rajasthani jat r legging behind in each case whether its d matter of rojagars or richness or dere bholapan in not making trouble to others dey r even not fighting for dere rights haryanvi jats r fighting for obc reservation vich dey doesnt deserve but rajasthani jats lacking in money n studies facilities r not showing any anger for dis ""dese jats r d one who always greet the other without any known reason dis is d biggest reason so the whole world should greet dem one of the best"human heart''can be find here dey r not seeking for help from others .but d thing dat ruined these jats is "sucking development"depriving of their needs .dey r lagging in this modernised world somewhere.i request all the authorities specially jat mahasabha to take care of this.all rajasthani jats get this title "pride of country's sanskars"dats all for today.


  1. I have gone through the contents of todays thought sent to me on my mail address and thanks a lot for excellent remarks regarding JATS in Rajasthan.As in other states there are so many educational institutes run in the name of JAT HEROs and that is the reason for the JATs of that state to flourish, whereas no where in Rajasthan there is any instiution run in the name of JAT HEROs even the JAT organisations are not coming forward for the uplifting the JAT community.Each and every community in Rajasthan has thier own coaching institutions for various competitions, but sorry to mention that there is no any coaching institution run by the JAT community-for the JAT community.This is a point of serious concern.So many JATs are having thier own educational institutions in so many districts but only revenue earnings is there and JAT community is again left behind.My suggestion is that JAT community leaders should think over this and atleast one coaching iinstitutiion should be there in each district to prepare the JAT people only by the JAT people( there are so many learned JATs who can be requested to come forward for this).Space is no problem,money is no problem only problem is to come forward and this can be resolved without any delay so that we can prepare for the next coming competetions to come either on state level or contry level.WITH REGARDS, J.C.CHOUDHARY

  2. This is not true jat are jat whenther they are from rajasthan or haryana.. every jat is honest and simple... so doubt in that,

    For u peple information Jat in rajasthan are also doing well as some of top engineering colleges are run by JAT in rajasthan such as SKIT Jaipur and also other colleges are also amongs top colleges named over jat icons such as Baldevram birdha enggineering colleges group and other colleges... for institutes... CLC Sikar is one of top institute run by Jat man.. so time is changing and jat are doing well whether they are in punjab, haryana, delhi, up or rajashtan.

  3. True... No doubt about this ths SKIT GROUP headed by the Rajasthan JAT Mahasabha President Shri. Raja Ram Meel and visionary Shri. K.R Bagaria ji..is the number one technical education group in rajasthan with four engineering colleges SKIT,Jaipur... VIT Jaipur, Marudhar,Biknaer & VIt-East,Jaipur... these are individual brands and highest placing institution in northern india... Rajasthani jats Rocks

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  5. I Think Rajasthani Jat are ding realy well. ShriK.R Bagaria Ji of Nagour district is a visionary, some of his credible achievements are:-
    Opened the first private engineering college in Jaipur by the name SKIT, which is a prominent college not in rajasthan but all over the northern India.
    He was the brain child behind Marudhar engineering college Bikaner, the first private engineering college in Bikaner Division.

    Subsequently he opened 2 pharmacy colleges and 2 more engineering colleges by the name Vivekananda Institute of Technology, famously known as VIT Campus, Jaipur.. He has started several innovative courses and helped in placing more than 5000+ students in prominent companies like Infosys, TCS,IBM, Microsoft etc..

    Continuing his efforts , he is opening the 1st technical private university in Rajasthan by the name "VIT University, Jaipur"..

    He is a role model for the Rajasthani Jat... Jat Balwan.. Jai Kishan and know Jat vigyaan by shri K.R Bagaria Ji!!!