Mayawati Supports Jat OBC Reservation demand

UP Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday extended support to the demand of Jat community for their inclusion in the list of OBC at the national level.The All India Jat Reservation Struggle Committee, which organized a rally in Moradnagar in Meerut on Sunday, had stopped water supply to Delhi's Sonia Vihar from Ganga canal.The Chief Minister said that she favoured inclusion of the community in OBC because their socio-economic condition was not good. However she appealed to the community to peacefully hold their demonstration.Mayawati said the community leaders should go to Delhi to present their case, as UP had no role in it. Mayawati said they should not adopt any unconstitutional way to press for the acceptance of their demands.Report from Meerut said that Rashtriya Lok Dal and other Jat stalwarts have distanced themselves from closure of water supply to Delhi from Muradnagar Plant of Ghaziabad on Sunday.Hundreds of supporters of the committee along with their president Yashpal Malik barged into the water supply plant at Muradnagar on Sunday and stopped water supply to Delhi. Samiti is demanding reservation to Jats in centre.Delhi's Sonia Vihar and Bhagirathi water plants get water from Upper Ganga Canal through Muradnagar plant of district Ghaziabad.It is believed that agitating protestors had covert support of the state government, which has been demanding to settle the issue of pending water bill with Delhi before July 3. The state government has warned Delhi to stop water if the latter fails to afoot the pending water bills. It is believed that, in spite of prior announcement of Samiti to stop the waterto Delhi, local officials purposely did not initiate required action against the protestors only to let the pressure mount on the Delhi government.


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