Haryana CM Hooda says marriage within same gotra not appropriate

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda Thursday indirectly extended his support to khap panchayats (kangaroo courts) which are demanding a complete ban on the marriages within the same gotra or ancestral lineage. While expressing his views on same-gotra marriages, Hooda said: 'In my view, marriages in the same gotra are not appropriate.' 'Khap panchayats work like social organisations in the state. We all expect them to work as per the law of the land,' said Hooda, on the sidelines of an event here. Haryana khap panchayats, which are dominated by the Jat community, are pushing for a complete ban on marriages in the same sub-caste. They are also demanding an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act for the purpose.
Hooda's statement assumes significance in the wake of the approaching panchayat elections, slated for June 6 and 12. No political party in the state can afford to offend the Jat community as it forms a major chunk of the vote bank. Last month, the main opposition party Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) also supported the khap panchayats' call to amend the Hindu Marriage Act.


  1. Honor Killig is Illegal but not Mr. CM Hooda nor any political party going to stop Khap, infact Khap Panchayat's are demanding amendments in the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 at the state level, so that their verdicts and judgments are considered valid as per law.I read here http://www.lawisgreek.com/khap-panchayat-and-same-gotra-marriages/

  2. Khpa is not against society.. they are part of it... so hindu marriage act must be amended

  3. Please stop maligning whole JAT community. We have started feeling as if JATS are second grade cirizens of India and do not carry any right to follow their traditions and culture.
    People coming on NDTV dias and speaking openly against a community is not justified in any way. Who are they and under what right they are speaking against a communities traditions and culture.
    In my opinion the Judiciary in India is also biased against JATS. JATS are not bothered about this highly corrupt and bised judiciary.
    It will be better if NDTV focuss on subjects like corruption in India which these so called high caste Indians are indulging rather than maliging JAT community.
    It is surprising the way Highh court treats a PIL from a JAT as comapred to some corrupt NGO. This shows that time has come for the community to fight back otherwise it will be thrown out of its own land.

    Also please note that there are lakhs of marraiges taking place in JAT community as per their traditions and only few same gotra marraiges cannot change our tradition.
    If other Indians want to marry to their daughters or sisters they are free to do so.
    If this country do not respect our traditions and culture that we also have right for a self determination as we are not refugees in this land.