BSP Government and party support Jat Community’s demand for OBC at national level

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati has stated that her party and Government fully support the demand for inclusion of Jat Community in OBC category at the national level, as socio-economic and educational condition of this caste was not good. She appealed to the Jat Community to spearhead their agitation in a peaceful manner, so that the general public were not put to any difficulty. She asked the Jat Community to turn to Delhi for their demands in a peaceful and disciplined manner as the U.P. Government had no role in this connection.
The Chief Minister said that though Jat Community was included in the OBC category in Uttar Pradesh, it had not as yet been included in OBC category at national level. She said her party and the Government believed that the Jat Community should be included in OBC category at the national level also. She said that the method adopted by the Jat Community for the agitation to press for their demand for inclusion in OBC category at national level was not proper, as the people of Sarva Samaj, including Jat Community were put to difficulties. She said that people used to install kiosks for drinking water during summer and stopping water supply in this gruelling heat was not good from a humanitarian angle. The Chief Minister has again appealed to the people of Jat Community not to take to unconstitutional method. She expressed the hope that agitators would not take law into their hands and would not do any act, which could harm the people and create a law and order problem.
Source: Press Information Bureau, Information & Public Relations Department, U.P.


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