BSP Government and party support Jat Community’s demand for OBC at national level

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati has stated that her party and Government fully support the demand for inclusion of Jat Community in OBC category at the national level, as socio-economic and educational condition of this caste was not good. She appealed to the Jat Community to spearhead their agitation in a peaceful manner, so that the general public were not put to any difficulty. She asked the Jat Community to turn to Delhi for their demands in a peaceful and disciplined manner as the U.P. Government had no role in this connection.
The Chief Minister said that though Jat Community was included in the OBC category in Uttar Pradesh, it had not as yet been included in OBC category at national level. She said her party and the Government believed that the Jat Community should be included in OBC category at the national level also. She said that the method adopted by the Jat Community for the agitation to press for their demand for inclusion in OBC category at national level was not proper, as the people of Sarva Samaj, including Jat Community were put to difficulties. She said that people used to install kiosks for drinking water during summer and stopping water supply in this gruelling heat was not good from a humanitarian angle. The Chief Minister has again appealed to the people of Jat Community not to take to unconstitutional method. She expressed the hope that agitators would not take law into their hands and would not do any act, which could harm the people and create a law and order problem.
Source: Press Information Bureau, Information & Public Relations Department, U.P.

Saina Nehwal win Indonesia Open Title 2010

Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal continued her rampaging form as she completed a spectacular hat-trick of titles by clinching the Indonesia Open Super Series with a straight-game triumph over Japan's Sayaka Sato in Jakarta on Sunday. Unbeaten for the past three weeks, the top seeded defending champion defeated her unseeded but resolute rival 21-19 13-21 21-11 in a rollercoaster encounter that lasted 45 minutes. This was Saina's third successive title, having won the Indian Open Grand Prix at home and the Singapore Open Super Series Tournament last week. This is also the 20-year-old's third Super Series title overall. In a see-saw battle, the 19-year-old Sato matched the defending champion shot for shot for most part of the opening game but was undone by her own mistakes at crucial junctures.
The first game that lasted 14 minutes had both the players tied 11-11 at one stage and though Saina remained ahead for most part after that, a gritty Sato did have her share of chances. Leading 20-18, Saina could have finished it off on her own serve but she handed Sato a chance by hitting the shuttle wide. But Sato could not capitalize and smacked a forehand into the net to give Saina the opening game. The second game saw Sato making a comeback with the change of ends also leading to a change in fortunes. The Japanese proved to be the more dominant of the two players in these 15 minutes as she raced to a 4-9 lead. Sato sent down some powerful shots from the baseline and Saina could only watch as they fell out of her range. The frustration of being out-witted by a rival ranked 26th in the world showed when Saina clinched her fist at one of Sato's unforced errors. Shaken by the setback, Saina roared back in the decisive third game. The Indian took a comprehensive 11-5 lead but continuing her never-say-die attitude, Sato reduced the margin to 9-13.
The Indian, however, was in no mood to slip up and emerged triumphant after reeling off four successive points. A jubilant Saina let out a huge scream after winning the title, which also made her richer by USD 18,750.

Mayawati Supports Jat OBC Reservation demand

UP Chief Minister Mayawati on Monday extended support to the demand of Jat community for their inclusion in the list of OBC at the national level.The All India Jat Reservation Struggle Committee, which organized a rally in Moradnagar in Meerut on Sunday, had stopped water supply to Delhi's Sonia Vihar from Ganga canal.The Chief Minister said that she favoured inclusion of the community in OBC because their socio-economic condition was not good. However she appealed to the community to peacefully hold their demonstration.Mayawati said the community leaders should go to Delhi to present their case, as UP had no role in it. Mayawati said they should not adopt any unconstitutional way to press for the acceptance of their demands.Report from Meerut said that Rashtriya Lok Dal and other Jat stalwarts have distanced themselves from closure of water supply to Delhi from Muradnagar Plant of Ghaziabad on Sunday.Hundreds of supporters of the committee along with their president Yashpal Malik barged into the water supply plant at Muradnagar on Sunday and stopped water supply to Delhi. Samiti is demanding reservation to Jats in centre.Delhi's Sonia Vihar and Bhagirathi water plants get water from Upper Ganga Canal through Muradnagar plant of district Ghaziabad.It is believed that agitating protestors had covert support of the state government, which has been demanding to settle the issue of pending water bill with Delhi before July 3. The state government has warned Delhi to stop water if the latter fails to afoot the pending water bills. It is believed that, in spite of prior announcement of Samiti to stop the waterto Delhi, local officials purposely did not initiate required action against the protestors only to let the pressure mount on the Delhi government.

Jat protesters called off agitation, Life normal in NCR

Jat protesters called off their agitation, hours after a team of Jat leaders, accompanied by several Ghaziabad officials, held talks with representatives of the Centre's social welfare department in Delhi. The protesters moved away from the Upper Ganga canal, allowing the supply of raw water to be restored to Delhi. the Jats, protesting against Centre's perceived indifferent attitude towards their demand to bring the community under OBC category, asked the government to announce a new policy for them by July 10. The Jat leaders said if their demands were not met, "the situation would not pleasant when Delhi hosts the Commonwealth Games".
"Water, electricity, petrol, diesel, CNG etc reach Delhi through our fields. If our demands are not met we will be forced to disrupt their supply. In our talks we made this clear to the government officials," said Colonel M S Dahiya, one of the Jat representatives who attended the meeting in Delhi. Sources in Ghaziabad district administration said the negotiations between protesters and top officials went for several hours on Monday morning before they were successful in persuading the agitators to restore the water supply. "Centre and UP government were trying to pass the buck. While Centre said the state must deal with the problem, UP government said Jats have issues with the Central government. Finally, Centre agreed to hold talks with us," said one of the key Jat negotiators. Though water supply from the canal started on Monday afternoon, senior DJB officials said the raw water would not reach Sonia Vihar and Bhagirathi water treatment plants before 6-7 hours.

CPI Slam congress over hooda's remark on Khap

CPI today questioned Congress' silence over Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda's opposition to same-gotra marriages saying it appears that the ruling party is supporting "outdated, pro-caste panchayat outfits". The argument that same-gotra marriages were not approved by the society was "not valid" in the 21st century, the party said in a statement here. "Hooda is trying to indulge in cheap vote bank politics. There cannot be two different types of laws in the country. Why Hooda does not condemn the so-called honour killings? Hooda is playing soft on those who are trying to take law into their hands," the CPI said.
The CPI's remarks came in the backdrop of Hooda supporting Khap Panchayats of Jat community which has come out against marriage within same-gotra. "It is surprising to understand why the Congress is silent on the views of Hooda who is the chief minister of their party? The silence amounts to support the outdated,pro-caste panchayat outfits in the country," it said. The CPI demanded that Hooda withdraw his comments.

Haryana CM Hooda says marriage within same gotra not appropriate

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda Thursday indirectly extended his support to khap panchayats (kangaroo courts) which are demanding a complete ban on the marriages within the same gotra or ancestral lineage. While expressing his views on same-gotra marriages, Hooda said: 'In my view, marriages in the same gotra are not appropriate.' 'Khap panchayats work like social organisations in the state. We all expect them to work as per the law of the land,' said Hooda, on the sidelines of an event here. Haryana khap panchayats, which are dominated by the Jat community, are pushing for a complete ban on marriages in the same sub-caste. They are also demanding an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act for the purpose.
Hooda's statement assumes significance in the wake of the approaching panchayat elections, slated for June 6 and 12. No political party in the state can afford to offend the Jat community as it forms a major chunk of the vote bank. Last month, the main opposition party Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) also supported the khap panchayats' call to amend the Hindu Marriage Act.

Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat demands ban on same gotra marriage

Pressing ahead with their demand for amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act, the Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat on Sunday resolved to slap a token fine of "ek aana" (currency unit formerly used in India) on MPs and MLAs if they failed to meet its demand by June 19. In a meeting held in Jind, which was attended by around 2,000 representatives of khap panchayats, they also ruled out establishing any matrimonial ties with the law-makers' kin if their demand is not fulfilled within the stipulated time period. Besides, the congregation of khaps or caste councils, notorious for their diktats prohibiting marriages within same sub-castes, also threatened to launch a stir and stop all kind of supplies to the National Capital Region of Delhi on June 20.
Not stopping at that, the leaders announced to stop repayment of bank loans, water and electricity bills if their demands are not accepted. Prominent among those who attended the meeting was BKU president Mahendra Singh Tikait. "We have been forced to take these decisions against MLAs and MPs because their silence (on same-gotra marriage ban) clearly endorses the government's stand of not making any changes in the Hindu Marriage Act. Besides, since they believe that they are comfortable in the present system, let them marry off their children within their families. It is a social boycott," said Satbir Singh Chahal, the president of All India Jat Swabhiman Sabha. Justifying their stand, Dada Baljit, the president of Maliks khap, claimed, "We are here to protect our age-old tradition and culture. The defaulting MLAs and MPs shall have to deposit the fine with their village priests and obtain a receipt before going out to attend a social or political function.... One thing is for sure, we wont allow any social wrong under the garb of changing trends."

INLD wants assembly meet to ban same-gotra marriages

The Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) sought a special session of the Haryana assembly to move a resolution to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and to ban marriages in the same 'gotra' (lineage). The main opposition party in the state has come out openly in favour of the khap panchayats' (community councils) demand for such an amendment. INLD legislators -- state president Ashok Arora, Ram Pal Majra, and Krishan Panwar -- sent a notice to Speaker Harmohinder Singh Chatha for a non-official resolution to be moved in the assembly seeking an amendment to the Hindu Marriage Act. They demanded that till the act is not amended, the central government should promulgate an ordinance to impose a ban on same 'gotra' marriages.
The communication from the INLD leaders said same 'gotra' marriages should be prohibited in the country to maintain social balance and harmony and to honour customs. The INLD support for the khaps seems to be targetted at garnering votes in the rural areas in the June 6 and 12 panchayat elections in the state. In the wake of the village council polls in Haryana, no political party can afford to annoy the dominant Jat community which forms a huge vote bank in the state. Khap panchayats have been in the news for the wrong reasons in the last five years after they started annulling the marriages of young couples, saying they were 'brothers and sisters' - being from the same 'gotra'. Khap decisions declaring several such marriages void have led to murders of young couples by their families or other community members - clear cases of honour killings. many couples and their families have also been socially boycotted and forced to leave their homes and lands.

Jat Vote bank, Khap and Haryana Politics

Jats, accounting for over one-fourth of the electorate in Haryana, political leaders are openly supporting Khaps or caste councils, recently in news for their diktats over same 'gotra' marriages. Congress MP from Kurukshetra, Navin Jindal not only attended a Khap Mahapanchayat in Kaithal on Sunday, about 120 km from here, but also lauded these panchayats saying they had been rendering yeoman service to the society by resolving people's problems over ages. His constituency has a strong presence of the Khaps and it was Karoran village in Kaithal district from where Babli (19) and Manoj (23) fell in love and were murdered in cold blood. Their relationship was not approved as it violated the same 'gotra' norm, under which even married couple is declared as a brother and sister. "They (Khaps) are constituents of my constituency and I have to listen to them," Jindal has maintained, even though he has made it clear that any action, which violate law, cannot be justified.
While praise for the Khaps by Jindal (40), who is also a leading industrialist and US-educated, may have surprised a few, but 75-year-old former Chief Minister and opposition INLD supremo, Om Prakash Chautala's recent statements that his party will bring a resolution to amend the Hindu Marriage Act, goes on to show that parties in Haryana cannot afford to annoy the Jats. The present Act does not address the problem of same gotra marriages, a key demand raised by various Khaps. "We will bring a resolution in the assembly regarding this. If the government brings an amendment bill, my party will support it," Chautala has said. Another senior Congress leader and six-time MLA from Rewari, Ajay Yadav, too has been supportive of the Khaps, admitting that there is a "scientific reason" why marriages within the same gotras should not take place. Chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, also a Jat, has tried to play down fatwas issued from time to time by the Khaps, maintaining that law will take its own course and nobody will be allowed to take law in his own hands. However, his close confidant and Rajya Sabha member Shadi Lal Batra has also gone a step ahead, favouring amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act.
Various Khaps including Dharana, Singhwal and Asanda, have in the past been issuing fatwas to couples and their families over same gotra marriages. Political analysts point out that with Municipal polls and Panchayat elections drawing closer in the state, parties cannot afford to alienate the Jats. The Jats are believed to have helped in INLD's resurgence in October 2009 elections. The party bounced back into reckoning after being out in the dumps having tasted successive electoral defeats from 2004.