Use Khap Panchayat for social reform

Khap Panchayat word is now days in every news channels, even some of TV Channel's Anchor who never moved out of A.C. CABIN in Mumbai/Delhi in whole life , are now giving verdict over one of oldest social organization khap panchayat and defaming jat community just to increase TRP of TV Show and today khap panchayat word look like a word from another planet. Recent incidents defame the image of khap panchayat and jat community people so its time when we must bring the truth whether wrong or right and use this 1000 years old platform for social reform. After all Khap panchayat's motive is to work for Community, it is not some SENA for social damage and burning nation.
We must use khap panchayat or other social organization to bring major changes in society by bringing down social evils like child marriage, Mayara, Mrityu-Bhoj and other issues in jat community and make some major changes in Khap panchayat's traditional rules as per demand of time. We must use this platform for girl education, help financially if some one needed and bring awareness in public that today there is no difference between girl and boy.
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