Baba Ramdev supprt Khap panchayats' demand

Backing the Khap panchayats' demand for a ban on marriages in same sub-caste, yoga guru Ramdev on Monday asked the caste councils, who are seeking amendments to the Hindu Marriage Act, to take up the issue in a non-violent manner and within the purview of Constitution. Ramdev claimed that it had been scientifically proved that marrying in blood relations or in the same 'gotra' increases the health risk for offspring. "I have nothing to say except what is accepted by society and has a scientific base-- that marriages should not take place among people who have blood relations or are of the same gotra," he said in reply to a query at a press conference.
Opposition to such marriages should be expressed in a non-violent manner, Ramdev said. "If Khap Panchayats press their demands in a non-violent way and constitutionally, then our legal experts should also think over their demands including on making necessary amendments to the Hindu Marriage Act," he said. The self-styled caste councils have drawn flak for their diktats against couples marrying in the same sub-caste.

Use Khap Panchayat for social reform

Khap Panchayat word is now days in every news channels, even some of TV Channel's Anchor who never moved out of A.C. CABIN in Mumbai/Delhi in whole life , are now giving verdict over one of oldest social organization khap panchayat and defaming jat community just to increase TRP of TV Show and today khap panchayat word look like a word from another planet. Recent incidents defame the image of khap panchayat and jat community people so its time when we must bring the truth whether wrong or right and use this 1000 years old platform for social reform. After all Khap panchayat's motive is to work for Community, it is not some SENA for social damage and burning nation.
We must use khap panchayat or other social organization to bring major changes in society by bringing down social evils like child marriage, Mayara, Mrityu-Bhoj and other issues in jat community and make some major changes in Khap panchayat's traditional rules as per demand of time. We must use this platform for girl education, help financially if some one needed and bring awareness in public that today there is no difference between girl and boy.
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Khap Panchayats Don't Have Legal Sanctity: Hooda

Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Tuesday that khaps would not be allowed to take the law into their hands. The Haryana CM also said that the government would support the khaps if they take up social work. "Khap panchayat is not a legal body. We will support them if they work for the social welfare of the people. But nobody can take law into their own hands," Hooda said after a meeting with deputy chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia at which the annual Plan outlay for 2010-11 at Rs 18,260 crore for the state. During the plan panel meeting, member Syeda Hamid, who looks after the state in the Commission, mentioned that Haryana had to change its image as male-dominated society. "Khap panchayats don't have any legal sanctity. They are like an informal social organisation like NGOs.... As far as Haryana government is concerned, if somebody does anything good for social cause, we welcome that but nobody will be allowed to take law into their hands," the CM said.
On Congress MP Navin Jindal's support to khaps, Hooda said that khap panchayats "have their own views. Individuals have their own views and we have our own." The CM's statement came at a time when khap panchayats are in the news for allegedly ordering honour killings and getting political backing in pushing their demand for amendment in the Hindu Marriage Act to ban same gotra (sub-caste) marriages.

Vijender Singh Beniwal

Vijender Singh Beniwal or Vijender Singh is an Indian boxer from Kalwas village, Bhiwani district in Haryana. He belongs to a Hindu family of Jat ethnicity. Vijender’s early days were spent in his village where he did his schooling, after which he received a bachelor’s degree from a local college in Bhiwani. He practiced boxing at the Bhiwani Boxing Club where coach Jagdish Singh recognized his talent and encouraged him to take to professional boxing.
Vijender went on to compete at the sub-junior nationals where he won a silver medal for two years in succession. Having won medals in different competitions at the national level, Vijender was picked to train and compete at several international level competitions such as the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics and the 2006 Commonwealth Games. At the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, he won the bronze medal after losing the semifinal bout against Kazakhstan's Bakhtiyar Artayev. At the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, he defeated Carlos Góngora of Ecuador 9–4 in the quarterfinals which guaranteed him a bronze medal — the first ever Olympic medal for an Indian boxer.

Ranbir to play jat role in next film Rockstar

Ranbir kapoor will pay role of jat in his next film 'Rockstar' with Imtiaz Ali. He is now days busy to promote his all set for release film, Raajneeti. Ranbir plays a member of a political family who gets sucked into politics “because of some dirty games”. His observations on Indian politics? “The youngsters in the country are definitely going to change things for the better. I have tremendous belief in the likes of Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot. The little I know about politics is through the media. I have voted in the past two years. We have a great leader in Dr Manmohan Singh,” says Ranbir. He starts shooting for Rockstar by June-end. “I’m playing a Jat in it and hence, working on the diction.

Naveen Jindal, Chautala support khap panchayat

Congress MP from Kurukshetra Naveen Jindal on Monday supported the khap panchayats’ demand to amend the Hindu Marriage Act to ban unions within a gotra (sub-caste). Jats comprise 17 per cent of Kurukshetra’s population. But the Congress distanced itself from Jindal’s statement, saying in a democracy individuals are entitled to different opinions.Jindal received support from INLD chief OP Chautala who met Home Minister P Chidambaram to urge him to amend the act. “We are opposed to inter-caste marriages, which are not right scientifically and medically,” Chautala later said. But the Congress distanced itself from Jindal’s statement, saying in a democracy individuals are entitled to different opinions. “The Congress stand is crystal clear. No customary law or practice can possibly be excused or condoned in any manner if it involves killing of any kind in the name of honour, tradition or heritage,” he said.
Jindal, however, did receive some support from within. Congress MP Shadi Lal Batra said he would demand an amendment to the act in Parliament. Khaps in Haryana have not only been demanding a ban on same-gotra marriages but also on alliances within a village to “protect the social fabric”. Jindal was forced to cancel his foreign tour and attend a khap mahapanchayat at Kaithal in Haryana after the Sarv Jaat Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat threatened to lay siege to his residence there. Khap leaders — who have asked Haryana MPs to clarify their stand by May 25 — presented him with their demands. Jindal assured them he would apprise the party leadership and Centre about their issues. Though Jindal condemned khaps for supporting honour killings, he said the issues raised by them are complex and demand a larger debate. “Being a public representative, I am duty bound to listen to their issues and try to address them.”
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