Raise voice against Khap panchayat IF WRONG !

It is time when we should understand the concept of Khap Panchayat in northern india and know the actual motive of khap panchayat and must oppose if they are taking any wrong decision to satisfy their own ego or maintain the 'rutaba' in society. We must use this concept as a social reform instead of using it for political and personal benefits. The recent decision by khap panchayat shock the whole india and give other community people to raise straight voice against particular community. We must use khap panchayat or other social organization to bring major changes in society by bringing down social evils like child marriage, Mrityu-Bhoj and other issues in jat community including Khap panchayat which needs some major changes in its rules. We must use this platform for girl education, help financially if some one needed and bring awareness in public that today there is no difference between girl and boy.
What is Khap Panchayat: Khap is a cluster of villages united by caste and geography.It is as old as 14th century started by upper caste jats to consolidate their power and position.The main rule is that all boys and girls within a khap are considered siblings. Khap panchayat governs the khap formed by same gotra ( clan) families from several neighboring villages. Khap panchayats are prevalent in Haryana,western Uttar Pradesh and Parts of Rajasthan. Love marriages are considered taboo in areas governed by Khap panchayats. Those living in a Khap are not allowed to marry in the same gotra or even in any gotra from the same village. Khap panchyat imposes its writ through social boycotts and fines and in most cases end up either killing or forcing the victims to commit suicide. Khaps are traditional area-based community organizations whose rulings have no legal sanction.
It is time when we have to change some rules and it there are also some rules which is good but there is need to present it in proper way. It is accepted that marriage in same gotras are not allowed but you can't restrict based on locality or older khap panchayat rules but you can't restrict it based on villages which is harmful to social structure.
I might be wrong and Right so Comments are WELCOME !


  1. Nice issue.. we must act before image of jat community demolished

  2. well in 2 years we got death sentence for khap panchayat,wat abt kasab who is still enjoying his royal stay in india ,this is for our judisry system , well khap panchayat is required as it is the governing body to represent gotras , as for same gotra marrige why dont the person go and marry her own sister ????????? i m not saying khap panchayat has done right by killing them but did they do right thing marring in same gotra , u live in society u should follow some norms ,

  3. Hi Mr Anonsysms,

    It is not issue that person is allowed to marry in same gortra... i thing this author also say marrige should be avoided in 5 Gotra, which is working fine with 80 Lakh Jat in Rajasthan without any Khap Panchayat. there.... so it is about the cruel steps taken on the basis on these rules... i also oppose marrige in same gotra... but you do not have authority to kill people

  4. It is not about marrying in same caste... everyone oppose that... even author also in this article, the main issue are blind decisions by these panchayats

  5. wat abt intercaste marriages....is it also opposed here?

  6. People normally oppose 5 Gotras and otherwise no one have any issue, whether you want to go intercaste or not. This is normal feeling that same gotra marriage should be avoided.

  7. this is 21st century and I am ashamed to be called as indian because of such incident where people are still having mindset of 12th century, Indian constitution is above all who the hell are this people to take law in their hands.

  8. khap panchayat is good ....
    saare bharat mai ekli cheej hai khaap panchayat
    jo mhaare culture ko sambhaal kar rakhe hui hai.....
    ek gotra mai byaah karna sarasar galat hai..
    jai haryana,,,,,,,,,,

  9. guys ist of all think ...what was the main purpose of of this gotra system when it was made....?
    At that time people in single gotra were a few..
    So our ancestors though that if people marry in same gotra then their genetic properties will match and disease will also remain in the same family.
    But now we are living in the 21st century..and if we talk about my own gotra (sangwan) then sangwans are spreaded in around 40-50 villages.
    and even my grandpaa hv not visited more than 10 of these villages.
    So there is no question of any similarity among the people of these villages....
    We should allow guys n gals to marry in the same gotra but they shoud not be from the same village thats the thing.
    And all that khap panchayat is doing is bull shit..who gave them this right to kill people .

  10. I am agree with Amit Jatty partially.. we need some changes atleast in khap system...

  11. i have requested to you that is good but to attention for reservation in othher back caste in central government. bcz that is so sanjeeani for jaat community if its not meet then yhe condition of jaat to be very bad. so request to all jaat community & khap panchayata recommendation for reservation for this unite ur self trhanks to all of u ravi siwach

  12. I'm Totally Agree Wid Mr. Rajendra, jaipur...

  13. My Dear

    At the outset, I want to bring in your notice that when and where the JAT ignored or exploited in India with out knowing the ground level reality our country "GULAMI Ke TRAPH Bhageya he" The outsiders start to attack on India please see the back history eg. Raja Harshwerdhen se pehale out siders attacked on India but at the time of Harswerdehn The Khap Pancayat was very strong, Prithavi Raj Chouhan Ne Sanjogitha se sadhi ke jo Khap panchait ke khilap dha Jab Prithiraj Khap ke khilap hua Use Deen she Desh Gulami ke traph hua . Samaj ke man mareada Lakshmen neb hi tori dhe jab Saruphan kha ka nak kat kar mano aek ourat ne galti keri to eihi saja nehi phere hue na Ram Ravan ka yudhe. Yeha bhe Jato ne he shat deya dhe our Mahan Atmaho ko Baharamano ne Bander keha, kisik kujh janwar banadea"

    The Khappanchayat system starts from every family Parents are the starting members, Khunba, Gao, group of villages ,Guhand, Gotra, Group of gotras, all goatra panchayat. This system is well developed in the northern India since ancient time (Aphaganishtan, Pakistan, Chaina, Iran Errak, Germani, and India northern states- Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, H.P., M.P., Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh., Bihar, etc) Now it is mainly strong in Jat belt of India. other states have forget it.

    So far as killing by Panchayat it is baseless not a single Panch has killed any person only the relative/parents can do the thinks such case are in all over India day by day then give the blame to khappanchayat of jats is highly objectionable and you peoples are requested not to blame the Panchayat which is the very prestigious group of peoples." DRAM RAJ BE ISH SHE UPER NEHI MANAGYA HE"

    We should slap to the media by saying that not to destroy our spiritual/ holy group of people including your parents


  14. Id shoot each of these fucking khaps in the head who order a honour killing...... These fuckers have no right to interfere in anybodies life...... jobless people that they are.

  15. Anonymous has been commenting bull shit . jat culture must be saved . its all one sided media which knows zero about culture and release bull shit. education gives knowledge but we jat people. .must not ignoring our culture values .
    honor killing is done by parents not by khaps .

  16. Chootiyas of Haryana. Khap panchayatis, this is India, not Saudi Arabia. Go back to the Narak from where you have come.

  17. Chootiyas of Haryana. Khap panchayatis, this is India, not Saudi Arabia. Go back to the Narak from where you have come.