Raise voice against Khap panchayat IF WRONG !

It is time when we should understand the concept of Khap Panchayat in northern india and know the actual motive of khap panchayat and must oppose if they are taking any wrong decision to satisfy their own ego or maintain the 'rutaba' in society. We must use this concept as a social reform instead of using it for political and personal benefits. The recent decision by khap panchayat shock the whole india and give other community people to raise straight voice against particular community. We must use khap panchayat or other social organization to bring major changes in society by bringing down social evils like child marriage, Mrityu-Bhoj and other issues in jat community including Khap panchayat which needs some major changes in its rules. We must use this platform for girl education, help financially if some one needed and bring awareness in public that today there is no difference between girl and boy.
What is Khap Panchayat: Khap is a cluster of villages united by caste and geography.It is as old as 14th century started by upper caste jats to consolidate their power and position.The main rule is that all boys and girls within a khap are considered siblings. Khap panchayat governs the khap formed by same gotra ( clan) families from several neighboring villages. Khap panchayats are prevalent in Haryana,western Uttar Pradesh and Parts of Rajasthan. Love marriages are considered taboo in areas governed by Khap panchayats. Those living in a Khap are not allowed to marry in the same gotra or even in any gotra from the same village. Khap panchyat imposes its writ through social boycotts and fines and in most cases end up either killing or forcing the victims to commit suicide. Khaps are traditional area-based community organizations whose rulings have no legal sanction.
It is time when we have to change some rules and it there are also some rules which is good but there is need to present it in proper way. It is accepted that marriage in same gotras are not allowed but you can't restrict based on locality or older khap panchayat rules but you can't restrict it based on villages which is harmful to social structure.
I might be wrong and Right so Comments are WELCOME !

Saina Nehwal at 5th Rank in world Badminton

India's ace badminton player Saina Nehwal has gained her career-best rankings after she gained the fifth spot following her stupendous show in the All England Badminton Championships earlier this month. Riding on her fantastic show, the Indian gained a couple of spots in the latest list with 58516.7646 points in her kitty. However, the rankings are widely dominated by the Chinese players as there are six shuttlers in top 10. Saina is behind four chinese players - Yihan Wang (1), Wang Lin (2), Xin Wang (3) and Jiang Yanjiao (4).
Saina had become the first Indian woman to reach the semi-finals of the prestigious All England Open. Although Saina lost in the semi-finals at Birmingham, it was something that would give her a lot of confidence for the upcoming international tournaments. Saina, who turned 20 on Wednesday has had a good year in 2009 where she was victorious in the Indonesian Open Super Series Tournament and reached the semi-finals of the World Super Series Masters Final. In addition, she reached the quarter-finals of the World Championships, Malaysian Open, Denmark Open, French Super Series, Swiss Open, Indian Open and Singapore Open in 2009. She won the Phillippines Open in 2006 and won the Yonex Chinese Taipei Open in 2008 as well.

Wish you all Happy Holi 2010