Scientist Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi

Dr. Giri Raj Singh Sirohi is a scientist by profession. He had carried out research in Antarctica, South Pole in 1960 for around 100 days in sub-zero temperatures. To recognize Dr. G.S. Sirohi's research on South Pole on Biological Clock, the US Board of Geographical names named a point at 83 57 S. Latitude, 170 06 E. Longitude as SIROHI POINT to honour Dr. G.S. Sirohi. Later he carried out further research in India since mid 1960s - 1989.
Career and work: He worked as Head & Professor of Plant Physiology Division,Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa, Delhi, India. He was responsible for growing this small division of a few people into a full fledged division with state of the art research equipments like photo-spectometer etc. He was main anchor to bring in a crore of UNDP project for Plant Physiology and worked hard to provide best of research in his field.
Publication and honors:
Childrens book - With a view to generate interest in science in young children he co-authored an autobiographical book for children, Penguin Books, India .
Glossary of Plant Physiology (Hardcover)- by G S R Murti (Author), K.K. Uprem (Author), G S Sirohi (Author) click here
* On 7 January 2003, on behalf of "Indian Society for Plant Physiology", he was presented the Lifetime achievement award by Sh. Kalam, President of India.
* Indian Society for Plant Physiology (ISPP) every year presents an Award called Dr. G.S.Sirohi Award . This Award was instituted by the society in the year 1999 for the best article published in Indian Journal of Plant Physiology and presented every year during annual meeting.
Personal Life: Dr. G.S. Sirohi was born in a village in Kheri, District Bulandshehr, Uttar Pradesh. His father Sh. Ganga Prasad was a Daroga in Police and his mother is housewife.


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