Difference between jat and jatt

Difference between jat or jatt is most confusing and easiest question in our Jat community as there is no difference between Jat and Jatt except Jat is Hindi word in hindi speaking states while Jatt is Sanskrit/Punjabi word.
  • Jat community people normally mostly belongs to Hindu religion while most of Jatt people belongs to Sikh community. 
  • Former All India Jat Mahasabha President Captain Amrinder Singh is Jat and Sikh by Religion from Punjab and was elected President of Jat Mahasabha. 
  • Jat or Jatt are known for high degree of self esteem and bravery.
  • Jat or Jatt mainly lives in State Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab and Western UP and across globe working in various business domains. 


  1. basically jat ia a race who adopted diffrent religion as per time passed most of the gotras of hindu sikh and muslim jats are same

  2. "Jatt mainly lives in Punjab, Delhi and Canada"
    ^ Are you sure about that ? For a start there are more jatts in Pakistan than there are jats in Haryana....Not to mention the fact that England has more jatts than Canada. But the biggest surprise is 'Delhi' ! There are more jatts in small provincial industrial towns of the Canadian praries than there are in Delhi. Historically, the jatts of punjab have always hated Delhi with a passion. Thats the main reason the British unleashed them on Delhi to brutally crush the Indian Rebellion.
    Now khatri sikhs and arora sikhs......there are plenty of them in delhi (in fact more than in Punjab) but very very few jatts.

  3. JAT and Jatt is same word but different ways of saying in respective languages namely hindi and Punjabi. Anybody who claims otherwise is politicizing the words to get some political life(religiously or regionally).

    Though a difference might come in context of religion but there have been many leaders of India who were Jats who have denounced religion as it is nothing but an act of division. Shaheed Bhagat Singh was on of them.

    You will find Pakistani Muslim Jats vehemently opposing this belief for obvious reasons because they converted from Hindu and that being Pakistani does that to you. Though these very Pakistani Jats then try to misinform Sikh Jats who propagate Khalistani Movement same stuff. Though the educated Indian Sikh Jats know the facts. The educated people in all religions acknowledge the facts.

    There is another race in the world with same problem they are Kurds of middle east, they follow more than 4 religions and are in more than 5 countries.

  4. jat and jatt are same casts with different religon

  5. jat are mostly found in great density in punjab, haryana, rajasthan, western up, delhi and small no in mp gujrat and jk.
    haryana- 60 lakhs- 27%
    delhi -8akhs, 7%
    punjab -64 lakhs 20-25%
    up- 60-70 lakhs 4%
    rajasthan 1 crore 14 percent
    madhaya pradesh 5-10 lakhs
    gujrat- facts not known

  6. Correct ur last line Jatt lives in Punjab, Haryana, UP West & across the globe. Not only in Punjab.

  7. Jaat have common Gotra with Rajput & Gurjer like Rawat, Solanki, Tomar, Panwar etc. where as Jatt does not shares its GOT Sidhu, Bhullar, Virk, etc. The Reason is Jaat rajput & gurjer have same roots.where as Jatt came lastly in to India & have roots in central asia.

    1. You should know jaat have same gotra with jatt like gill Maan sandu brar chahal and many more. I think you don't know much mate. Go and learn some history

    2. Idiot FIrst of all try to understand the comment Then answer it.Jaat Shares their blood with Rajput & gurjers. But Punjabi Jatt Bhuller Hayer, Dhillon, Maan etc. never share their gots with rajputs & Gurjers. If you have the guts show me the documents of any proof u have. I bet you donot have that.

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  9. Sir,
    If you think that Jatt and Jat are one then correct the spellings of jaat to jat..
    Thank you

  10. Intermarriage of Sikh jatts with Hindu jaats used to be very common. Take example of Rajkumari of Dholpur married to prince of Patiala and similar links can be found between chotala and Badal families. This only became possible because Jaat and Jatt are basically common caste and they share common gotras as well like maan, chahal,gill, Grewal, Nayan etc.

  11. Jatt and Jaat are same and the correct spelling is Jat and some jats can be sikhs or hindus... religion and gotra can be different but Jatt Jaat is same community.

  12. M UMESH GURJAR an hindu from haryana,,can any one tell me if jaats and jatts are same then what are the common gotras in Jaats and Jatts? and also do Jaats and Jatts intermarry or not?

  13. Some comn gotras are maan chahal grewal lamba beniwal atwal and more
    Yes they can do and its happening from centuries . Many jatt also speak haryanvi which live in haryana usually near border