Satveer Chaudhary a Jat American politician

Satveer Chaudhary was on born June 12, 1969, is an American politician in the Minnesota State Senate. He is currently a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.[1] He was the first Asian American to hold an elected office in Minnesota, and also one of the youngest senators in the history of that state
While in the senate, Chaudhary worked to boost ties between Minnesota and Haryana, which included his visit to Rohtak. The visit was made to emphasize economic and political ties between India and the United States, and described by Chaudhury as a "tryst with destiny"[8]. Mainly due to his efforts, the state of Minnesota and the Indian state of Haryana are now sister states[9][10]. . Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty signed this into law during a recent trade trip to India, stating that it would build new bridges between the states

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