Ram Swarup Joon a Jat historian

Ram Swarup Joon is a Jat historian. He has written a book "History of the Jats" in Hindi in 1938 which was translated to English in by Lt. Col. Dal Singh in 1967. He was in the Indian army. His son Major Risal Singh was also in Indian army , 3/9 The Jat Regiment, who was commissioned in 1938. His son Major Rishal Singh died on 21 June 1940 in a war with German army in Imphal-Kohima.
He Belongs to Joon or Janvar gotra of Jats. Joons are descendants of Rao Joon of the Solanki clan of rulers. They are found in Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in India. Janwar are descendants of Raja Janmejaya.

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