Jat world orkut community amongs top community in Delhi

There is one good news for Jat people, that how much they love the tag "JAT". The survey, an aggregated study of the behaviour of city’s Orkut users over the past seven days, shows Delhiites obsessed with style and being stylish. ‘Stylish People’ is the most active community among city youth. Jat world one of the orkut community having 26000 member is one of the top orkut community searched by orkut user in delhi/NCR.
Delhi’s top communities
1. Stylish people
2. Chocolate
3. India
4. Boys vs Girls (Who is d best?)
5. Unforgettable School Life
6. MTV & still more MTV
7. I hate to wake up early
8. India stock market
9. Don’t Worry Be Happy
10. Jat World


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