Jat Samaj Kalyan Parishad, Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

Jat Samaj Kalyan Parishad is situated at Gwalior in Madhyapradesh. This is an Organization of Jat people in Gwalior region in Madhya Pradesh, India. It was started in 1981 and registered in 1988. Its objective is to awaken Jat people about their rights and educate them by spreading the cultural, historical and geographical facts about Jat people amongst its members. It works in association with All India Jat Mahasabha, Delhi. It is working on achieving social objectives of eliminating dowry, mrityubhoj etc social evils through organizing camps.

Some of good work done by Jat Samaj Kalyan Parishad Gwalior are:
* Conducting research on Jat people history and Jat historical places.
* Organizing an annual fair at Gwalior fort in memory of its occupation by Jat Rulers Maharaja Bhim Singh Rana and Chhatar Singh Rana of Gohad state.
* Organizing “Chaudhary Gyanaram Punia All India Jat Samaj General Knowledge Competition” every year.
* Organizing group community marriages without dowry.
* Organizing health camps and blood-donation camps.

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  1. I am a Jat NRI now married and living in Gwalior. By profession I was a lawyer but am now retired. I am also a historian and would very much like to meet up with my community here in Gwalior. I would also like to give a talk on our community, it's history and achievements if that can be arranged. My contact number is 7692898193.