Jat Community in Rajasthan Election 2009

Congress get more than expected win in Lok Sabha election, but there is no magic funda in rajasthan election. It is straight politics that if you get support from Major Castes in Rajasthan you win, else your condition will be like BJP in this election. This win divert more caste based politics in rajasthan and political weight will shift towards caste group Jat, Rajput and Brahmins.
In Assembly election 1999 Jat Mahasabha supported Congress, they win by heavy margin, Jat and brahmins are backbone of BJP but OBC Reservation divert jat community to Congress as Ashok gehlot promise to provide reservation after win and he did. In 2004 election BJP contested Jat candidates on 30% seats and formula work, BJP wins with heavy votes. This time BJP leave some jat leaders behind in lok sabha election, some examples are Barmer, Jaipur(Gramin) and Ajmer seat where maximum vote bank are jat community but BJP Contested Rajput and Jain candidate instead of jat from all three seat and BJP loose all three seats which was expected. Congress normally didn't provide ticket to upper caste they play with Traditional vote bank and Jat community but In Lok Sabha Election 2009 Congress gave four tickets to Rajputs, three to Brahmins and seven to Jats. These caste groups, along with the traditional vote bank of Congress, make a safe win on all 14 seats.


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